Geisha Dance Concert

Geisha dance concert concept is the second piece by Wilma-Emilia Kuosa and it's a crossover collaboration between artists. The concept includes a dance performance created by Kuosa and a cappella ambient music by the singer Emma Salokoski.  The piece will provide a  mirror of the position of women in todays society. The piece will give it's voice to equal human rights for women.  The piece will be presented along with a photo exhibition presenting dancing and body painting to raise awareness of the position of young women today. Emma Salokoski is giving her voice to the matter by composing all of the music for the piece with only her voice as her instrument. Here is a piece from Wilma-Emilia's interview about the piece: "My inspiration for my second piece the Geisha dance concert came from profound frustration of feeling like nothing more than a tea room entertainer in a man’s world. I got tired of being treated like a young girl in professional context’s. I got sick of making coffee for people who want to abuse my skills and benefit from my talent. I just couldn’t take another meeting where I needed to tolerate comments about my ass before we could start an actual conversation about work. I started feeling like I was the Geisha of my own life. This is why I mirror todays perception of women with the geisha myth. That is how I have felt throughout my career – you better aim to please. I want to speak up for equality. I started by drawing out these geisha figures in all of the positions I no longer wanted to be put it – silenced, subordinate and objectified. I have been researching human rights violations against women and I let my knowledge inspire me to name the geishas accordingly. The Geisha Photo Exhibition for equal human rights for women is the setting for the Geisha dance concert piece where we a woken the captivated geisha-figures and empower them to break free. I have made the piece in collaboration with the singer Emma Salokoski who wanted to give her voice to women so she composed the whole piece by only using her voice as an instrument. As a statement against today’s beauty pressures I wanted to be body-painted as a geisha for the performances to show people what a real woman looks like when she has to curl under power structures. The body paintings and our costumes where created by a Finnish makeup artist who I’m proud to call my little sister, Maaren Heiskanen. In the piece we create a safe space for people to think about human violations in an immersive art cradle and speak up for humanity." Previous performances: Geisha dance concert premier took place at Kanneltalo on the 5th of September with two other performances on the 7th and 8th of 2018 Geisha dance concert concept has presented it's second demo at the Tanssi vieköön! dance fair at Helsinki, Finland, in Messukeskus on the 18.-19.8.2017 Geisha dance concert concept has presented it's frist part the living body painting featuring photo exhibition at Asematila, Kylätie 25 A 3 Huopalahti, 31.3.-2.4.2017 Artists involved: Concept: Wilma-Emilia Kuosa Music: Emma Salokoski Dance: Wilma-Emilia Kuosa Video materials: Ellen Virman Body painting: Maaren Heiskanen Photography: Jean-Claude Néron #danceyourheartoutsessions Supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kanneltalo and the city of Helsinki

Geisha dance concert demo trailer