Freelance Choreographer

Wilma-Emilia specializes in choreographing jazz dance pieces. Is your junior company looking for a new number or do your teachers need inspiration to create jazz dance routines? Contact us now for jazz dance choreography. “In the creative process I feel it’s essential to connect with your soul before taking any action or making a step. This way whatever you end up doing came from the right place. You need to be able to listen to your heart and take the time to feel what is going on around you. Only by knowing where you are you can communicate with others from a true place. I believe the only way of truly getting through to people is sharing something of yourself and this way you can communicate. Dancing for me is the most natural way to communicate. Sometimes the word performance is misleading to me since it gives out the impressions of portraying something else – I think all performing is honestly sharing the moment with your audience. If you want to be able to communicate you need to start by listening. So, I start by listening to my heart. I think you can only dance with all of your being and that’s why I call everything I do the #danceyourheartoutsessions” -Wilma-Emilia Kuosa, Jazz Dance Artist 

Drag Shows

Wilma-Emilia Kuosa has been choreographing for drag queens such as MissB and Sheila

and for the

Helsinki Drag Battle-concept.

Check out a number from Sheila’ show below:

Helsinki Drag Battle 2017, team MissB
Helsinki Drag Battle 2017, team MissB