Neglected Dance Concert

Neglected dance concert piece is a performance by two artists concerned with the wellbeing of today’s neglected young adults. It is a duet of a jazz dance artist and of a vibraphone player.  The piece gives its voice to a generation consumed by the absence of their community. It addresses the consequences of neglect and the bruises in the futures of this generation. Neglected dance concert piece is screaming for your presence, loving without judging and challenging you to listen to the real survival stories.
 What are the effects of neglect?
 The Xposure duo has collaborated with the Helsinki Missions Youth Crisis Center. Together they held a free workshop for young adults to enable them to express the experiences of neglect as artistical statements. The material gathered in the workshops is the key ingredient in the making of the piece. It brings their perspective of abuse as a part of a performance that aims to raise conversation over the situation of the young adults today.
Neglected dance concert piece is the first creation by the Xposure duo in four languages. Neglected premiered at the KokoTheater on the 15th of June 2017 with all together 6 performances. Duration 30min.
Wilma-Emilia Kuosa is a dance artist from Helsinki, who has specialized in jazz dance during her studies in France at the OFFJAZZ Dance Center in 2010-2013. Kuosa is the hostess and founder of the Jazz&Dance-improvisation club often performed at the Koko Jazz Club. She is a dance teacher and works actively as a freelance choreographer. To Wilma-Emilia her body is an instrument to embrace all of the destinies – the stories in need of light.
 Arttu Takalo is a vibraphone player and a composer. His long lasting career has taken him to many different roles in the field of Finnish music. Arttu is well-known as an arranger, composer and producer. Takalo is the undeniable interpreter of the dark waters of the human psyche and his melodies will bring light to the lost souls.
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