Jazz dance teaching


Wilma-Emilia is available to teach workshops around the world from one day until a few months if the creation requires an intensive presence. She offers classes in Jazz/Mattox technique, Lyrical Jazz, Commercial Jazz/Heels, Choreography, Improvisation and Yoga for dancers.

Next up workshops at the Helsinki Dance Academy in August: https://www.helsingintanssiopisto.fi/kesa/tiiviskurssit/lyrical-jazz-2/

You can make an offer for a workshop to suite the needs of your students or get an offer to inspire your dancers. Wilma-Emilia has ready built packages for intensive dance workshops as well as master classes developed to create a choreography.

Wilma-Emilia offers classes individually in Nice and in Helsinki.

Jazz dance.

I am fascinated by jazz dance which speaks to me more than other styles or techniques. It\s identity is like a person – we will never fully know him but that is what makes us want to be able to. With each discovery comes new possibilities to go even further. Thinking about my performances with jazz musicians, my memories immediately become reflected in my body. Like when a trumpet took the place of my heartbeat. Or when the bass resonates in the whole body in a way that invites me to anchor myself even more to the ground to be able to free my pelvis to interpret it nuanced. This is where I show my pleasure of dancing jazz to the public. The guitar started a syncopated rhythm followed by a melody of a jazz standard that I love; “Summertime”. I enter this piece of swing jazz like a fish in water. Sometimes I allow myself to be imported by the melody to dream of a perfect summer day and I slip into harmony in it to then make accents of counter-beat with the drummer or bassist. Or look for the vibrations in the bodies of each instrument. To dance jazz you have to find a state of the body free enough to be able to follow the pulsation, the rhythm, the off/beat, the alternation of tempos, change of nuances, the vibrations / shimmys / shivers, the strong beat or the anacrusis or contra-beat or syncopated or accents with a sensitivity to melody… You have to embody all moods. Jazz dance is the dance of the soul. My goal is to express myself in a way that corresponds to current life. Jazz dance gives me all the tools to do it.

Lyrical Jazz.

Wilma-Emilia’s lyrical jazz takes your jazz dancing to the next level. Based on rhythm, the bar focuses on finding your weight and new ways to shift it with a precise insight on pelvis placement. It’s a play between finding your axle and working off-balance with a concentration on fierce footwork. By embracing the nuances and different dynamics we will find the roots to rise up. We will transmitt the energy of the body into a melody that accompagnates the music to travel through space to tell a story.

Rendez-vous #danceyourheartoutsessions


In the Heels class, you will learn to dance confidently in high heels. In Wilma-Emilia’s course, you learn to walk, move and pose like a dance pro. The class starts with a warm-up focused on dance technique. Different sets of steps, poses, moving sets on the floor and choreographic exercises danced with the hair open are performed across the floor. The classes also encourage improvisation and the search for your own sensual movement language. We will finish by learning, choreography for high heels from Wilma-Emilia’s dynamic repertoire and then its off to the #danceyourheartoutsessions

Dance judge.

Wilma-Emilia Kuosa has had the privilege to work as a dance judge all over Finland. 

She has been trained in judging by the Finnish Dance Organisation as I a certified dance judge working for the national championships.