Jazz dance teaching


Wilma-Emilia is available to teach workshops around the world from one day until a few months if the creation requires an intensive presence. She offers classes in Jazz/Mattox technique, Lyrical Jazz, Commercial Jazz/Heels, Choreography, Improvisation and Yoga for dancers.

Next up workshops at the Helsinki Dance Academy in August: https://www.helsingintanssiopisto.fi/kesa/tiiviskurssit/lyrical-jazz-2/

You can make an offer for a workshop to suite the needs of your students or get an offer to inspire your dancers. Wilma-Emilia has ready built packages for intensive dance workshops as well as master classes developed to create a choreography.

Wilma-Emilia offers classes individually in Nice and in Helsinki.

Jazz dance.

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Lyrical Jazz.

Wilma-Emilia’s lyrical jazz takes your jazz dancing to the next level. Based on rhythm, the bar focuses on finding your weight and new ways to shift it with a precise insight on pelvis placement. It’s a play between finding your axle and working off-balance with a concentration on fierce footwork. By embracing the nuances and different dynamics we will find the roots to rise up. We will transmitt the energy of the body into a melody that accompagnates the music to travel through space to tell a story.

Rendez-vous #danceyourheartoutsessions


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Dance judge.

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